Is your Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook feeling more slacker than social?

Spending hours and hours planning and writing blog posts isn't worth much if no one shows up to read them. Your social media platforms should be driving traffic to your blog - and lots of it! 

Whether you're pinning, tweeting, Instagraming, or Facebooking, let's make sure your posts get the attention they deserve . . .

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If we haven't met before, I'm the boss over at and I've been blogging for over 20 (yes, TWENTY!) years. Social media has been a major part of growing my online presence and expanding my audience into the thousands.

But I know it's not always easy to figure out which strategies work and which ones are just a waste of time. Take the challenge and get 5 days of social strategies that create results no matter which platform your audience is on!

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  • Access to a LIVE hangout within the Facebook group on the last day of the challenge to make sure you've got everything in place for a brilliant year of blogging!

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